Add Jira Issue Number on the commit message

According to this snippet:

# git prepare-commit-msg hook for automatically prepending an issue key
# from the start of the current branch name to commit messages.

# check if commit is merge commit or a commit ammend
if [ $2 = "merge" ] || [ $2 = "commit" ]; then
ISSUE_KEY=`git branch | grep -o "\* \(.*/\)*[A-Z]\{2,\}-[0-9]\+" | grep -o "[A-Z]\{2,\}-[0-9]\+"`
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    # no issue key in branch, use the default message
# issue key matched from branch prefix, prepend to commit message
TEMP=`mktemp /tmp/commitmsg-XXXXX`
(echo "$ISSUE_KEY: $(cat  $1)") > $TEMP
cat $TEMP > $1
  1. Make sure the folder(s) ~/.git_template/hooks exists
  2. Drop the file above in there and make sure it’s named prepare-commit-msg
  3. make ~/.git_template/hooks/prepare-commit-msg executable. (chmod +x)
  4. make sure your ~/.gitconfig contains
templatedir = ~/.git_template

Now anytime you checkout a repo OR use git init in a directory, the prepare-commit-msg will be copied into your project’s .git/hooks folder.

Note: You can safely run git init within pre-existing git projects to get the file copied over

Credits to Jonathan Doklovic